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Episodio 9 – Democratizing Nudges… with Stephen Shu

Shu and Diego

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Join us in this enlightening episode of “Mi Yo Futuro” as host Diego Valero welcomes Stephen Shu, Professor of Practice of Behavioral Economics at Cornell University and a globally recognized expert in behavioral science. With a rich background that spans electrical engineering to behavioral finance, Stephen takes us on a journey through the world of behavioral economics, nudging, and their profound impact on financial and economic decision-making. In this conversation, we delve into the ethical dimensions of nudges, exploring the balance between guidance and manipulation, and addressing the challenge of equity in their application across diverse populations. Stephen shares insights from his latest book, “Nudging Democratized,” highlighting the importance of making behavioral science accessible and beneficial for all. We cover a range of topics, including the essentials of behavioral economics, common biases affecting our financial planning, and the influence of notable figures like Richard Thaler, Daniel Kahneman, and Amos Tversky. Stephen also sheds light on the potential of behavioral economics in various sectors, from education to sustainable consumption, and discusses the future of pension systems in response to demographic shifts and longevity challenges. As we venture into the realm of AI and technology, Stephen offers his perspective on the role of tools like ChatGPT in enhancing our daily lives and financial behaviors, while emphasizing the need to democratize access to such technologies. Don’t miss this engaging episode with Stephen Shu, where we uncover the power of behavioral economics to shape a better future for our financial well-being and the sustainability of pension systems. Let’s rethink our economic behaviors and embrace the strategies that can lead us to a more secure and inclusive future.